HE Funding

As the 2016 wave of #FeesMustFall protests gathered momentum, ASAWU undertook a survey of members opinions on the crisis in higher education funding and the role staff should play. The findings were presented at the general meeting on 28 September, and are summarised in this document.

Key points that came up were that the very large majority of staff agree that higher education is significantly underfunded by the government, and that staff and students share problems as a result of this underfunding. Staff overwhelmingly agree that no academically deserving student should be denied access on the basis of poverty.

There is more uncertainty from staff about the student protests, with strong disagreement with violent tactics voiced, and some lack of understanding of the motivations of students expressed. Staff overwhelmingly agreed that they have a role to play, and discussed various options, which culminated in a set of resolutions agreed at the general meeting.