Grievance Process

ASAWU represents the rights of its members. This means that we will represent a union member who is involved in a grievance or disciplinary matter. We have legal expertise within the union to facilitate this.

Grievance Process within ASAWU: An Overview

A member has a right in terms of the disciplinary procedure stated in the University policy to lodge a complaint as provided by HRG33/34.

The above mentioned policy gains its existence from various provisions of the applicable legislation such as the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Employment Equity act, Collective agreements and other applicable agreements.

The labour Relations provides for organizational rights which are available to an employee who is a member of a trade Union or employees association. One of the rights afforded by the Labour Relations is the Right to be represented by a trade union in all matters affecting the employee’s employment.

In an event where an employee who is a member of ASAWU has a complaint or is aggrieved by a certain state of affairs affecting the conditions of his employment, his wellbeing or any of his Labour related rights being infringed, the outlined process below will be followed:

Stage 1


Stage 2