ASAWU is the majority union representing academic staff at Wits. We fight for the rights of staff. Here is a list of some of our achievements, working for you, in the past few years:

  1. ASAWU negotiated the largest salary increase ever for academic staff in 2014/15:  16% in 2015, 7% in 2016, and 7% in 2017. This brought academic staff remuneration in line with market rates.
  2. ASAWU negotiated a R100/semester sports facility access. This allows staff to access all the sporting facilities, such as swimming pools and squash courts, at very affordable rates. Fit and healthy staff are happy and productive staff!
  3. ASAWU negotiated for equal paternity and maternity leave. This means that fathers are able to take the same amount of time off as mothers do on the birth or adoption of a child. Gender equity means that men who parent deserve recognition.
  4. ASAWU negotiated the establishment of a task team on child care provision. This means that we are working hard towards ensuring that Wits provides affordable, safe and stimulating childcare on our campuses. Parents who know that their children are close by, and safe, are more likely to be happy and productive in their work environment.
  5. ASAWU negotiated the establishment of a task team on alternative modes of transport support. This means that we are working on ensuring that Wits comes up with creative solutions to parking and traffic congestion. This includes negotiating for support for public and non-motorised transport solutions.