ASAWU Statement on October 10 Re-opening


University management, after a meeting of Council, has decided to re-open the academic program on Monday. You will see from Management’s email that this is under a number of specific conditions. We share colleagues concern about the process of re-opening and the potential for disruption and violence to occur, like last Tuesday. We wish to reaffirm that should colleagues feel their health and safety are at risk that they are within their rights not to come to work. We ask line managers, in particular, Heads of Departments and Schools to be lenient with colleagues who are worried about their safety.

Of course, we hope that the academic program can resume in an undisrupted fashion. The tactics of violence, intimidation, and bullying run counter to a space for the free exploration of ideas and learning. They run counter to the process of transformation and decolonization, and they do little to unite the community around the goals of improved accessibility and funding for higher education.

Should you wish further clarification on your rights – please do not hesitate to contact any member of the ASAWU Executive via

ASAWU Executive

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