ASAWU Statement on SET Decision


By now you will have received the communique from SET announcing a phased approach to reopening the University with staff returning on 3 October and lectures resuming on 4 October.

We are encouraged by the acknowledgement of SET in respect to the challenge posed by security presence on campus to teaching and learning. We continue to encourage negotiations between SET and student leaders to find a way to bring our community together.

We urge all parties to seek a resolution that will see us united in our commitment to realising our goals of increased funding for higher education, developing and implementing a decolonised curriculum, and ensuring that no academically deserving student is ever again financially excluded.

We call for greater commitment by our students to non-violent protest and reciprocal greater commitment by management to ensure the withdrawal of private security and police from our campuses.

The ASAWU Executive will continue monitoring the situation on the ground. At this juncture we would like to remind all our members that should they feel their health or safety to be in danger they should contact ASAWU for advice on how to proceed.



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