ASAWU Statement on Today’s Events


We are watching with grave concern today’s events taking place. The ASAWU Executive once again wishes to strongly and explicitly condemn the violence and destruction of property that has taken place. We are deeply concerned about the safety of all students and staff, particularly those who have been injured. We urge colleagues who are on campus to remain calm and to avoid, where possible, getting caught up in events taking place. 

We applaud the move of Management to suspend the academic program for the rest of the week. We believe that it is necessary to take this time to work closely together as a community to realize the significant need for establishing a funding model for truly accessible higher education while doing all we can to keep the 2016 academic project on track so that students can advance in their degrees and graduate on time. More than ever, we need new ways of coming together as a diverse yet united community to listen to one another and come up with new solutions.

The ASAWU Executive calls for a cessation of violence and the destruction of property on campus. We urge all parties to use peaceful tactics, should they wish to protest. We call on students in particular to consider alternative routes for achieving their goals. The nation is listening and watching: the time to act with care and responsibility is now. We call on student leaders to consult closely with their communities and imagine new and creative ways of moving forward the important discussions we need to have.

We call for the academic project to resume in full on Monday and urge all parties to dedicate time and effort to finding a viable way forward so that we can work together as a university community to improve accessibility to quality higher education. We hope to see normal academic activities resume next week in the midst of a workable process that includes the voices and views of all stakeholders.

We encourage members to provide ideas on how we can move forward as a united community via our Facebook page (ASAWU at Wits) or via our email:


ASAWU Executive


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