ASAWU Statement Regarding Violence on East Campus


Today’s events represent a significant escalation in tensions on campus. The ASAWU Executive condemns unequivocally today’s turn to violence and destructive behaviour in front of Central Block. The stone throwing by some students and private security personnel created an extremely dangerous situation. Personal injury was caused and property was damaged. Such actions were unnecessary and unwarranted. If all parties had shown more restraint and access to Senate House via Central Block had not been prevented, the sad events we witnessed could have been avoided.

Further, it is clear that having on campus private security guards who act in an unprofessional, ill trained and emotional manner adds danger to an already volatile situation.

The ASAWU Executive calls for restraint by all those involved and for more dialogue between students and the University. Further, we call for the University to be closed temporarily in order that tensions can be calmed, order re-established, and to allow the necessary conversations to take place. It is currently not safe for staff or students to teach and study in such conditions. In this light, we ask the membership to consider the safety of all involved if they chose to continue with classes.


ASAWU Executive

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