Salaries 2016


Members of the ASAWU Executive met with Management on Friday to discuss the three year salary agreement.  This meeting constituted the agreed annual opportunity for ASAWU and Management to reflect on the inflationary environment, Wits’ salary position in relation to other higher education institutions, and unique situations such as the impact of the 0% fee increase decision.  We are pleased to confirm that after this discussion it was agreed that there was no need to change any aspect of the three year salary agreement at this stage.  As such, the increases agreed to last year will take effect in January 2016.  See below to confirm what the adjustment will look like for the majority of staff.

For 2016 a proposed increase of CPI (6%) plus Academic Incentives (0.6% for teaching & service applied to all academic staff; 0.4% for NRF rated staff or those with 3 publications over the last 3 years) and an increase determined on a pro-rata basis and per individual whose salary package falls below the 0.945 comparator ratio as determined against the revised salary scale midpoint for 2016 after the application of CPI and the Academic Incentives. See Table.
Table: Proposed Salary Increase for 2016 (Average of 7.5% increase): based on an estimated CPI of 6% and Academic Incentives of 1%.
Grade Minimum Salary for 2015 New Minimum Salary (0.945)
5 964,205 1,037187.11
6 783,377 842,672
7 642,114 690,717
8 517,837 557,032
9 417,604 449,213

For those earning more than the amounts given in the third column, multiply your current salary by:

  • 1.066 – if you are not due for the publication productivity award
·       1.07 – if you are due for the publication productivity award

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.  Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at the AGM on December 3rd.


ASAWU Executive

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