Statement on Student Protest

Dear Colleagues,

The events of last week resulted in a major shift in government policy towards support for higher education.  The ASAWU Executive congratulates our students on the incredible achievement of 0% tuition fee increases for 2016. Now is the perfect time for the university community to come together and work collectively on a strategy that emphasises continued affordable education and improvements in staff working conditions going forward.

The ASAWU Executive recognises the continued concerns of all stakeholders and sees that there is an opportunity to build on successes already achieved.

We encourage the return to normal university functions recognising the need to accommodate the protest that has taken place.

The ASAWU Executive is aware that this has been a stressful period for academic staff.  There have been differences of opinion but we are grateful to our colleagues for their commitment to the academic project and their willingness to engage in productive and constructive dialogue.

This is a vital opportunity for the university community to advance the common aspirations made evident by this moment.


ASAWU Executive