Performance Management


It has come to our attention that some Schools are seeking to implement performance management systems for their academic staff.  As we have communicated in the past, in the absence of a mutually agreed to system, academic staff may reserve the right not to participate in any efforts adopted to develop performance metrics around publications, teaching and service beyond those that already exist in staffing and promotions policies.  Further, should members of academic staff feel bullied or prejudiced as a result of non-participation in a proposed performance management system than a formal complaint can be laid against those responsible for perpetrating the bullying or engaging in prejudicial behaviour. 

The Senate of the University is currently deliberating on a performance management and is considering if it is at all appropriate for an academic institution.  ASAWU is engaged and aware of this process and is monitoring it closely.  Clearly action taken prior to any report and subsequent agreement in this regard is premature, inappropriate, uncollegial, lacks professionalism, and violates the terms and conditions of employment.  ASAWU takes such violations seriously and would be pleased to represent any member who comes forward under such circumstances.


ASAWU Executive