SRC 1 Million 1 Month campaign

Dear Colleagues,

In response to the SRC’s call, ASAWU has donated R20,000 to the 1 Million 1 Month campaign to help plug the gap left by the 2015 NSFAS shortfall. This amount will allow us to remain committed to more long-term student support such as appointing and training a postgraduate intern and establishing a student bursary as discussed at this year’s AGM. The donation is in keeping with our strong support for students and the SRC. These initiatives in no way compromise the resources we have available for academic and individual member issues.

We are aware that a more sustainable solution is needed to this crisis; however the money raised through this campaign will allow students who are already registered and progressing to complete their degrees. We urge all members who have not done so individually to consider contributing what they can.

ASAWU stands by the principle that education is a right and not a privilege, and that no qualifying student should be excluded from studying because of a lack of a funds. We commend the SRC for their important efforts and share their hope that the state will take full responsibility for this vital issue rather than leaving it to civil society.


ASAWU Executive

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