Senate Subcommittee on Performance Management Report


Following the release of the report on performance-linked bonuses, ASAWU unequivocally supports and endorses the work of the Senate Subcommittee on Performance Management and Executive Bonuses. The report considers both the available literature and the views of a broad cross-section of academic colleagues. From this work, it is clear that performance management and performance-linked bonuses do not foster a culture of productivity and actually work to impede the free development of ideas – key elements in inculcating a spirit of innovation.

ASAWU agrees that continuing with such a scheme would not be in the best interests of the institution, particularly in a context where there have already been real improvements in research output (increase of 15%), NRF ratings and global rankings. Further, in a context where academic pay remains largely uncompetitive, performance-linked bonuses for the university leadership are inappropriate and morally indefensible.

ASAWU urges the Senate to support the adoption of this report and requests that Council takes immediate action to reverse policies and actions taken to implement this divisive and counterproductive system.

We are grateful to Prof Jannie Rossouw, Prof Dean Brady, Prof Shireen Hassim, Prof Laetitia Rispel and Prof Eric Worby for their efforts in compiling this document.


ASAWU Executive

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